Resin Casting Services
Since the Beginning of djiti’s production, we are offering resin casting services. 
We also working with individuals customers, and give all of our attention as our professional customers to provide copies of their originals parts 
We use high quality silicon, and high fidelity PU resin for accurate miniatures production the same materials used from the brand djiti’s production, we use our vacuum system to ensure the highest quality resin castings 
For larger pieces we work with different materials like plaster, Polyester resin (fiberglass), PU Foam, PU resin to provide an adequat work to the parts 
How it works? you provide the master (only your original work) 
Send us pictures, of your item, with measurements, to give an idea of the volume to mold with your expectations at 
A quotation is sent to you 
We prepare the moulds and start the production! 
We mold from 10 pieces to 40 and plus, molds have a lifetime between 35/50 copies, depending the complexity of the parts 
Here is some example of the variety of the pieces we receive
These figures are commissioned works for online webshop, I can study your projects and includes 3D printed parts to increase the quality
Gorilla molded in plaster painted by :
3D design (CAD) is possible depend of your project, also possible printing with a formlab 2 printer  
contact me via email :